15 Things I am Overly Thankful For This Year

15 Things I am Overly Thankful For This Year

Was it really even Thanksgiving if you didn't reminisce on all the things you are thankful for? Yeah, I didn't think so. Yes, this is oh so basic of me. But do I care? No. I love all things Thanksgiving. Yes, I am one of those people that judge anyone that attempts to start their Christmas decorating, singing, or spirit prior to December 1st. So in honor of a holiday close to my heart I am sharing the things I am super thankful for specific to this year. I could easily make this an on going, endless list but I'll save you from that by attempting to narrow it down to my top fifteen. 

1. The Birth Of Two Of My Sweet Nieces

Most of you probably know that I have the cutest of all nieces in the world. If you don't, just stalk my social media and you will soon find out. It is currently an all girl's world in that generation of the family. Completely convinced that I will have all boys since my brothers have only had girls so far and I was the only girl growing up. It's only right. Anyways, I am 100% thankful for these girls that bring so much joy to me and my entire families life. 

2. My New Home In McKinney, Texas

This change was so, so hard. I have made big moves twice before this one to places where I barely knew a soul but that still didn't make it any easier. This was the first step in me taking a hold of my life. This was the first step in me doing something solely for myself. This was my first real big girl step. This was my first step in relying solely on the Holy Spirit's direction. Although this was the best step I could have made for myself it has not been the easiest step I have ever made. 

3. My Church Home Of Watermark

I stepped in to this church for the first time in 2008 and ever since that day I had been patiently awaiting the day that God provided me with the timing to relocate to the metroplex to make this my home. I have never felt closer to God in a church setting than when I am here. Look them up at AND listen to the porch podcasts. In my biased opinion you wont regret it.

4. My Community Group

Part two of watermark was partaking in the process of becoming a member and being placed in a community group. This is changing my life. These girls are helping change my life. And I don't think they even know it yet. This group challenges me to be vulnerable on a weekly basis and I have never been more comfortable doing so with people that were strangers three months ago. God is doing the coolest things through this group and I am beyond blessed with the girls he has provided me with.

5.  My Job

I think I have overly talked about how lucky I am to have the job that I have.. So here's a little more talk because it had to make the list. My position has grown me in ways I never thought it would. I have been gifted to having the best coworkers. And I have some awesome perks that have let me begin my travel journeys. I have yet to wake up and not want to go to work unless I am just being ultra lazy. I actually love my job. Going from a job I hated to this just really is such a blessing that I try my hardest not to take for granted.

6. The Opportunity To Travel

So many people my age do not have this luxury or do not take advantage of it if they do. I have been able to explore four completely new places in the last five months and I do not see that stopping anytime soon. I never wanna say "I wish I would have had the chance to go there" ever again. My wanderlust soul has been activated and I want to absorb as much culture as I can while I have the chance. 

7. Reuniting A Friendship With My Non Blood Sister

Amber is literally my sister from another mister. She is my soul mate in friend form. She is the only person in this world that knows me almost as well as I know myself. I am endlessly thankful that we were able to mend our disagreements and differences and pick up this friendship where we left it off. I can do life without her but I would really rather not be forced to have to.

8. My Favorite Guy Making It Through Surgery

I do not think I have ever been more worried or prayerful for anyone else that has gone through a surgery before. My dearest guy friend Jon underwent an open heart surgery at the ripe age of twenty four. Phone calls before and after the procedure where some of the most cherished phone calls I have ever had. He is thankfully recovering better than anyone expected and I am soo soo grateful for that. 

9. Delivery Food, Cereal, And Sandwiches

I have recently become THE worst cook in the history of all cooks. So I am ever so thankful for the new age where basically any and all restaurants have some sort of delivery service. And I am so thankful my taste buds continue to love a good sandwich or a cup full of cereal as a meal. Otherwise I would be so screwed at meal time. I can only handle so many foods in the state of burnt. 

10. Both Of My Brother's Love Live's

I feel like that's a weird "title" to a section but I couldn't think of another way to word it so here I am.. just winging it. If you've never seen a true love story.. stalk my brother's wives on social media (my brother's are fairly foreign to the words s.o.c.i.a.l. m.e.d.i.a.) But seriously I have been so thankful for the example that I have overwhelming become aware of this year. The love between them and their wives is undeniable. It is so undeniable that it overflows into the upbringing of their children. I am seriously not kidding you guys. My brothers are the best fathers and husbands ever. I am so so thankful that I have finally realized their example is the relationship I want. I will not settle til I find something comparable to what they have, but when I find it I really wont be settling at all, will I? 

11. Friendships That Turn From Hate To Love

It's weird, right? How sometimes when you meet a person for the first time the impression is bad. Sometimes your instincts are way off. Sometimes you judge people WAY wrong. Well this is life and it happens oh, fairly often. But I am ever so thankful when you realize those instincts were off. Or you are forced in to interaction and it plays out way better than you had prepared for. I like this thing about people, where sometimes they surprise you. So I am a little thankful when my judgment is dead wrong and I get to create new friendships where I least expect.

12. Stores That Still Have Black Friday Prices After 10 am

Never will I ever again participate in a "black Friday" sale in the late nights of Thanksgiving Thursday or the way to early Friday morning. (This could potentially change) Growing up Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. Obviously I love food.. but it was the one time each year that my family got together without gifts being involved at all. It was for the sole focus of spending time together and I loved that. I also loved the board/card game aspect, but that counts as family time too, right? Anyways, because of that you can catch me black Friday shopping solely from the comforts of my computer or well after the crazies have left the stores. 

13. The Opportunity To Share My Stories Through This Blog

I love love love writing. I hope y'all at least one of those loves reading. I have always wanted to write a blog but either hadn't developed the ability to write, wasn't ready to share my stories, or didn't make the time. I am finally at a place where I am accomplishing all of those. It is soo cool. I have started to be so raw and so vulnerable and I have not regretted it for one second. I am one hundred percent sure there are some people that do not appreciate my blog, but thanks for not telling me that quite yet. If I can help at least one person start their own blog, feel comfortable enough to share their stories, or make a difference in one persons life through this.. That is really all I am doing this for (maybe partially for personal growth).

14. My Devoted (and not so devoted) Readers

I am ever so thankful for y'all. Without you guys that have shared your love for my writing.. I might have given up by now. Without the numbers growing in my analytics of page reads, and blog visits.. I would have probably quit by now. I have been able to be so open and blunt and vulnerable and y'all have been so receptive and that means the world. SO THANK Y'ALL for supporting me in this decision. It is not always easy. 

15. My Gracious Forgiving Father Above

 I could never send enough prayers of thanks to compete with the amount of grace he has sent my way. I could never give another human the amount of chances he has given me. I could never continue to truly love someone who has turned their back on my words of advice for them as well as he continues to love me. I could never attempt to compete th plans I have for my life with the will he has prepared for my life. I could never be thankful enough for this one, but here's to trying.

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