11 Things I Take For Granted Way Too Often

11 Things I Take For Granted Way Too Often

This blog was written in spurts so overlook how I wrote in parts prior to this past weekend and in parts after this past weekend. 

I am currently sick and I am without a doubt one of those people that turns in to a 5 year old and just wants my mom when I don't feel well. I am also one of those people that hates going to the doctor and thinks drinking a gallon straight of orange juice is the cure all to anything. Disclaimer: It's not! But try to convince that to my brain and I promise you I will still purchase orange juice before any type of medicine to heal me. Did I mention I inherited the stubborn gene? It came from both sides of my family so I am doubly stubborn. Luckily I did find some Theraflu tea that I had leftover from being sick last year (SEE, I don't purchase medicine often). Although it is by far the worst drink I have ever had, it knocks me out and I have never slept better when sick. This sickness of course conveniently came about the week I get off early on Friday and have plans to leave town. Am I still going? Yes. Mostly because I am stubborn and refuse to accept that I might should rest? Probably. 

The lights in my office have also gone out about seven different times in the past two days. Update: They were out for almost my entire Monday at work. And let's just say this time change and me being sick and no lights does not aide in keeping me awake AT ALL what so ever. I have also spent over a grand on my car recently. Thanks to an unknown person driving in to the side of it and having to replace the door and then having to purchase new tires which is of course never cheap. I have also, one too many times, walked out of my apartment carrying a fuzzy's cup full of cereal because I ran out of time to eat a normal breakfast. The burger patties I made for my weeks lunches were given a little too much salt and therefore will probably meet my trash rather than my mouth. I forgot to unload my dryer about four times this week and therefore had to re dry everything about five times because of wrinkles. I have also realized that I have officially hit the point in my life where doing anything after 9 pm is always gonna be a no for me. Cause well, I enjoy my sleep and I do not function well when I’m running on less than 6 hours of sleep, minimum. I’m learning to stubbornly accept this but sometimes my brain likes to pretend that I am 18 again.

Aside from the craziness of life itself, I could easily be full of complaints (hence the extended paragraphs above) HOWEVER, I don't wanna be. So yes I may vent on this blog because well I like writing (in hopes y'all enjoy reading) and I might be *slightly* dramatic. But in all seriousness my life has been great lately. So here's to all of the things that have opened my eyes recently that I should be overly thankful for and maybe a little less focused on the small details that I enjoy complaining about.  

1. Waking Up Each Morning

How cliche of me, right? Maybe, but let's be real the statistics of people that didn't wake up this morning is high. Google it, it's a hefty number. I don't always get to wake up every single day and not lose someone. Sometimes I wake up and a beautiful soul is taken away. Someday that soul will be mine. So until then I'll breathe in a refreshing prayer each morning that I open my eyes to another day

2. My Favorite Song Coming On The Radio

We all know I am a sucker for music. So when I am having a bad day and my favorite song just randomly comes on.. That frown on my face immediately turns into a smile, if not a yell of me singing along. Music really is my cure all.. (not Orange Juice) 

3. Long Distance Friendships

You know those people in your life that you don't see every single day? Those friends that sometimes you go months or maybe even years without seeing face to face. But when you see them it's as if you didn't miss a single beat. That is something to cherish. That is something you should hold close in your heart and strive to nourish on a more regular basis.

4. Online Reviews

Lets be real, THIS is how I decision make on whether I am going to buy something or not. This is how I determine which brand is better. This is how I decide whether or not I should purchase from a site or not. Without these reviews I would have to trial and error so much more frequently and lets be real.. no one has the time or money for that non sense.  

5. Google

THIS IS MY LIFELINE. I google everything, and I literally mean EVERYTHING. One of the phrases I use more often than not is "Let me Google it. Google knows everything." I would be so much worse off in life if I wasn't able to google things. And lets just be real, "yahoo it" just doesn't have quite the same feel.

6. A Job I Love

I try not to take this for granted but I inherently usually do. I have had jobs I hated and even been laid off and had to be without a job for a period of time. So the fact that I for one have a job and two absolutely love it is a lot to be thankful for. Most people my age are at the bottom of the totem pole, in a job they despise, with little to no benefits, in the sole hope that one day that promotion will be big enough to make it worth it.

7. Life's Pauses

I am a pro multi tasker, active minder, busy body by force. I do not do well in moments that I have no plans, no friends around, and a day full of nothingness. It actually gives me anxiety if I am being honest. But I am slowly learning that sometimes my body needs to recover. Sometimes my life needs those pauses. They are sometimes purposeful. So I am learning to accept them with a little more grace than I inherently want to. 

8. Falling In And Out Of Love

Wait, did I just go there? Yes, I did. The person that holds on too long and feels pain a little harder than most.. I should be grateful for that? YES. I was granted with a big heart and I should honestly be so grateful for that. Yeah, it makes break ups rough and broken friendships almost unbearable. But without this heart.. I'm not sure I would have gotten to experience the relationships I have. Yes, they've taken a tole on me.. but I would without a doubt not be the person I am today without this heart of mine. So I will take one too many rough breaks over having never felt love at all, every single time.

9. Face To Face Conversation

Sometimes I can be looking someone straight in the eye while they are talking and still not hear a single word they say. Sometimes I get in a rush and just don't pay attention to the words coming out of someones mouth. Sometimes I get distracted and miss an entire sentence. It's not always easy to be a few minutes late because someone really needed to vent. And it's not always easy to pay attention when your mind wants to be doing something else. But it's worth it. Whether it makes that persons day, or you learned something you wouldn't have otherwise, or you just listened, really listened for once in your life. It's not everyday you get to spend face to face time with each person in your life. 

10. Camera Phones

Throwback to carrying around those little digital cameras. Can you imagine carrying one of those with you EVERYWHERE you go now? HA. Probs not. Plus the quality of pictures that these phones can take now is incredible. I don't even think I could imagine not having a camera on my phone.. Hello the existence of Snapchat.

11. A God That Continues To Love Me Unconditionally

I take this way for granted. I think we all do. I sin consistently. Sometimes with the same sin I just told God I would never do again.. And he still forgives me, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am so unworthy of the love he gives me, but because of him I am worthy to have love. 

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