Texas born and raised. Recently obtained wanderlust soul. Crossing off my bucket list one trip at a time. My true love language comes in the form of music. My second love language comes in the form of food, none of which I cook (I am attempting to expand my cooking abilities). My third love language comes in the form of quality time, hence why I've yet to travel alone. I wouldn't be standing on my own two feet if it wasn't for my good friend, Jesus. And I wouldn't have a story to tell if it wasn't for my friends and family that are my backbone. My life is a solid hot mess, and a heck of a process but I'm making it through decently well. Live vicariously through this crazy thing I call my life as I navigate through this adventurous world.

By week day I sit behind a desk in a job I love, that funds my compass dreams. And my weekends are booked full since my hyperactive mind does not rest.

Friend, if  you're looking for a good laugh at a stranger's life.. or if you just want a deeper look in to the life of someone you know...  my entertainment comes at no cost aside from my own embarrassment. So sit back, grab some champagne and stay tuned as I unfold my journey one post at a time.